Dr. Joan Margaret

Founder | Board Member | Teacher

Dr. Joan Margaret is the founder of Labrys School of Self-Healing Arts for Women and Girls, and a board member of Associates for Community Education (ACE), a (501(c)(3) in Oakland, CA.


Dr. Margaret is a wholistic doctor of natural healing. She has been practicing as a healthcare professional in the Bay Area, for over 28 years. Her individualized treatments are based on root cause analysis while supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Joan uses a wide range of modalities including but not limited to Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Acupressure, Allergy elimination, Nutrition, laboratory testing, Bio Geometric Integration, Homeopathy and Wicca.

Before becoming a doctor, Joan was a journalist for 20 years with KPFA-FM, Mother Jones and other magazines and newspapers. She served in the Peace Corps in Bolivia from 1963-1965 in community development and public-health projects.

Roke Noir

Director | Outreach Consultant | Teacher

Roke Noir  (aka Krishnakali) is a manifestation coach, personal and transpersonal energy practitioner, inspirational speaker and ceremony conductor. An intersectionalist; of "East and West", art and science, activism and business, spirituality and survival, and all things broken and beautiful, she is originally from India, and calls Oakland her home now.


Roke is the founder and director of Siren Project, an all women transformative arts for wellness program, established in 2010. Over the last six years, under her leadership, Siren Project has offered over 75 classes, workshops, community gatherings, theater, ceremonies, feminist festivals and social events, serving over 2000 local women and their allies. Siren has been supported by the generosity of many individual community members. As of March 2017, Siren Project has been incorporated into Labrys School of Self-Healing Arts for Women and Girls.

Roke uses her education/experience in Software Engineering, Marketing and Design, in her freelance work as a design, technology and marketing consultant.


Roke is curious about the conscious and the unconscious, finds mundane beauty and magic around her all the time, believes in the power of the human spirit in this world of unending possibilities, and is currently designing a "cosmos" for the next Burning Man. She believes in her ability to integrate her diverse skillset in making anything she is passionate about, happen. And she loves mangoes, pizza, and pecan pie.

Alexandria Nichandros

Teacher | Movement Advisor

Alexandria has been attending dance class, leaping around the house, and moving to the music since she could walk. For 19+ years she has been teaching, performing, choreographing, and absorbing new movement styles including ballet, east coast swing, salsa, bellydance, waltz, improv, women’s sensual movement, pole dance, club groove, and more.


Some of her favorite experiences include teaching a class of her own design called Latin Movement for Ballerinas at the San Diego School of Ballet and touring Japan with The Zahirah Dancers, a bellydance troupe where she was a lead dancer and the Rehearsal Director.


Whether teaching a couple in their home or hundreds of nightclubers, she believes the joy of dance is a natural human experience available to all.

Her desires for the future include learning flamenco (ruffles and stomping and fans - oh my!), a bellydance trip around the Mediterranean Sea including Egypt, Turkey, and Greece, and having a long chatty tea with Judith Jamison. 

When she is not dancing, she freelances as project manager, administrator, social media marketing consultant, event producer and child care provider.

Laura Knoff

Board Member | Teacher

Laura Knoff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Florida Atlantic University, and was a Senior Research Associate in the Lipoprotein Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for eight years. She has been studying nutrition since 1975 and is a Bauman College certified Nutrition Consultant. She has taught budding Nutrition Consultants at Bauman College since 2000.


Laura is a founding professional member of the National Association of Nutritional Professionals (NANP) and is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition by NANP. She is the author of “Veggiewoman’s Guide to Health: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free Eating” and “The Whole-Food Guide to Overcoming Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Strategies & Recipes for Eating well with IBS, Indigestion and other Digestive Disorders”.


Laura has a private practice at Labrys Healthcare Circle in Oakland, CA where she promotes individualized, varied, whole foods diets, moderate exercise, and skilled relaxation as the keys to optimal health. She can be reached at (510)-658-9067 or


Board Member | Fundraising Advisor

Rainbow is a consultant, trainer, and mediator working with groups and individuals to heal what divides us. She learned much about human needs and interactions working in early childhood education for 18 years. Growing up as a fat child and as an adult walking in this world as a fat lesbian who does not alter her body, Rainbow has her own perspective on oppression.

With her Masters degree in Non Profit Administration, Rainbow has used her expertise to assist countless Non Profit organizations in all aspects of running a successful business.

Rainbow was a Master Trainer with StirFry Seminars & Consulting, facilitating Unlearning Racism, Unlearning Sexism, and Train the Trainer workshops, while also facilitating Color of Fear and Last Chance for Eden seminars. 

Currently she is the Quality Improvement Coach at BANANAS, a nonprofit child care resource and referral agency serving the diverse families in Northern Alameda County.

Karen Ripley

Teacher | Theater Advisor

Karen Ripley has over 35 years of experience with comedy and improvisation. Ripley studied with Whoopi Goldberg and attended BATS and Pacific School of Religion. She has taught, performed, and won awards for her creative insight and expressions.

Her teaching experience include:

Suzanne SHAZAM Cimone

Teacher | Music Advisor

Suzanne Cimone, SHAZAM, remembers fondly, the memories of the nightly singing of songs with her mother and brother, at bedtime.  She enjoyed singing and dancing along with the 33 LP records of Johnny Mathis from the age of 4.  Everyone in the family played an instrument, and everyone played and sang for visitors and during holidays.


Suzanne has a music degree from Laney College of Oakland, CA.  She has studied voice with Judy Davis (voice coach of Janice Joplin, Barbra Streisand, Eddy Money) and with singer, Raz Kennedy (founding member of Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra).  She is presently the Music Director and Ensemble leader at the First Church of Religious Science, Vallejo, a center for spiritual living.


She has been singing and performing in the Bay Area since 1985, with various bands such as, Sweet Surrender, Wild Oats, Wild Angels, The Average Dyke Band, Leave it to Diva, Suzanne Cimone and the Gold, and presently, Bad Ass Boots.  Since the year 2000 she has been a member Wing It!, the professional improv ensemble that utilizes the techniques of InterPlay, a mind, body, spirit method including singing, storytelling and dancing.


Suzanne is also a creative songwriter and has several of her songs recorded and available on CDs and available online.

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