Associates for Community Education (ACE)

Associates of Community Education (ACE)

Current ACE Projects 

ACE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Oakland dedicated to creating educational projects which focus on women's issues, primarily, but not exclusively, related to healing. growth and empowerment.

Women's health, well-being, specially when it is self-empowered, is a revolutionary act. Being well brings clarity. With clarity we can work toward independence, and make positive choices in our lives. We can become healthy enough to be vibrant participants in our local, national and global community.

By prioritizing the concerns of women and girls we all become better agents of change in our lives and in the world. Our projects facilitate women and girls in gaining knowledge of their whole bodies—physical, emotional, spiritual, mental—and to provide tools to become healthier.

Members of our board are: Laura KnoffJoan Margaret, and Rainbow Markell.

Currently ACE sponsors two projects. When you make a donation to ACE, you can choose which project you want your donation to go to. You can also donate to General ACE Operations fund.

  • Labrys School: Labrys School offers transformative, educational and creative programs to help women and girls gain inner knowledge of their holistic selves. Through individual and interactive work in groups, we invite our students to gain skill sets to heal, grow and empower themselves. Our goal is that each of us be well and happy in order to be vibrant participants and change makers in our local, national and global community.

  • Wimmins Support Network:  Wimmins Support Network is a fund created to administer grants to low-income wimmin so they may meet basic needs to maintain their health, independence and self-care. To donate to this fund, select it under the option of where you want your money to go, once you have clicked on the Donate to Ace button.

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